Bishopsgate Goodsyard arches trader, March 2002   Heneghan Street, Brick Lane , March 2002 Wall detail, Sclater St, March 2002 Sunday market, Shoreditch High Street, March 2002   Brick Lane at night, October 2002
Bishopsgate Goodsyard sunday market stall, March 2002   Jolly Butcher, Brick Lane , March 2002 Sunday Market, Brick Lane, May 2002 Memorials, back of Cheshire Street, March 2002 Wheeler Street, March 2002
Bishopsgate Goodsyard, March 2002   Graffiti, back of Cheshire Street, July 2003 Sunday market Bishopsgate Goodsyard / Brick Lane / Bethnal green Road, March 2002 Bishopsgate Goodsyard garden, March 2002   Bishopsgate Goodsyard, March 2002
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