Front Line Assembly, Camden Underworld, 1991 Catherine Wheel, Feb 1991, ULU Chapter House, May 1991, ULU Michael Gira of The Swans, 1991 Boys Wonder, ULU, 1991
Mark Eitzel, Mean Fiddler, 1991 Jesus Lizard, Camden Underworld, Feb 1991 Thin White Rope, 1991 Obituary, Marquee, London, 1991 Blusher, Upstairs at the Garage 13th May 2001
The Pattern live at the Monarch, Camden 23/8/01 The Loves, live Upstairs at the Garage 24/10/01 5678's live at the garage 5/12/01 Yumi Yumi live at Strange Fruit, Upstairs at the Garage 8/11/03 Fonda 500 live at the Camden Monarch 7/7/01
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